Other areas

Fabege owns a small number of properties in other areas of Solna and in southern and northern Stockholm.

Our properties

Järvakrogen 3

Järvakrogen 3, Frösunda
(The Winery Hotel) 

Land and project property

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Nöten 4

Nöten 4, Solna Strand

Address: Enköpingsvägen 1
Total lettable area: 53,640 sqm
Construction year: 1971

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Orgeln 7

Orgeln 7, Sundbyberg

Address: Solna strandvägen 2-60, Järnvägsgatan 12-20, Lysgränd 1, Rosengatan 2,4, Sturegatan 11-19
Total lettable area: 29,465 sqm
Construction year: 1966

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