AGM 2017

The AGM will be held in Solna/Stockholm, Wednesday, 29 March 2017, at 3:00 pm at Filmstaden Scandinavia, Salon IMAX, Mall of Scandinavia, Råsta Strandväg 19A Solna, Sweden. Registration for the AGM begins at 2.15 pm.

Notice of Participation

Participation in the AGM is limited to shareholders who are both registered as shareholders in the register of shareholders maintained by Euroclear Sweden AB on Thursday, 23 March 2017, and who notify Fabege of the intention to attend in person, or be accompanied by an advisor, no later than at 4.00 pm on Thursday, 23 March 2017. Notice of participation at the AGM may be submitted in one of the following ways:

  • In writing to Fabege AB (publ), “Fabeges Årsstämma”, Box 7839, SE-103 98 Stockholm, Sweden
  • By telephone at +46 8 402 90 68
  • Via web application  (Swedish only)

When giving notice of participation, the shareholder is to state his or her name, personal ID/corporate registration number, address and telephone number, their shareholding in Fabege and the names of any advisors they wish to attend.

Shareholders with shares registered in the name of a trustee must, in order to be entitled to participate in the AGM, temporarily re-register their shares in their own names. Such temporary re-registration must be executed by Thursday, 23 March 2017.

To ensure that this is completed in time, shareholders are advised to notify their trustees to request temporary re-registration well in advance of this date. Shareholders who are represented by proxy shall issue a power of attorney to be enclosed with the notice of participation, along with any registration certificates or other proof of authorisation.