Business model

Our business model aims to generate value through property management, property development and transactions.

Property Management

Property management is Fabege’s main business area. The company manages its properties through efficient in-house operations and a management organisation divided into market areas. Employees are given considerable personal responsibility with a view to ensuring high commitment and high customer focus. The company’s customer-focused property management activities support a high occupancy rate and encourage customers to remain with Fabege.

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Property Development

The development of properties with growth potential is a key element of Fabege’s business model, with the aim of creating value. Fabege develops and realises the potential in its existing portfolio. Development pertains not only to individual properties but also to entire areas and city districts. Properties with future development potential is also included in the property management portfolio. The volume of projects is adapted to market demand. New builds and significant conversions are environmentally certified.

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Fabege acquires and divests properties with the aim of increasing the potential in the property portfolio. A property’s location, condition and vacancy levels are key factors determining the growth potential of a property. As a significant player in a number of select submarkets, Fabege has acquired in-depth experience and knowledge about the markets, development plans, other players and properties. The company continuously monitors and analyses developments on the property market, with a view to exploiting opportunities to add value to its property portfolio.

Sales and acquisitions