Core Values

Shared core values and a strong corporate culture are distinctive features of successful companies. Fabege works on the basis of the shared core values, ‘SPEAK’, that permeate the entire operation.

Training and skills transfer through the core values occur continuously and are a natural element of each employee’s personal development plan.


  • We are efficient, we prioritise fast decisions, provide prompt feedback and offer simple solutions. 
  • We act with clarity, we make things happen and we keep to deadlines.


  • We show respect by being open and attentive to our colleagues, customers and suppliers. 
  • We are more important than I. We are team players and strive to work together and ensure cohesion in the team. 
  • We are not too proud to ask for help and we share our knowledge with others.


  • We see opportunities and do not get caught up in problems. 
  • We are creative, encourage new ideas and dare to try unconventional solutions. 
  • We show our commitment by ensuring that adopted decisions are implemented.


  • We set and gain acceptance for clear goals and we actively follow them up. 
  • We act with competence and look for win-win solutions. 
  • We make sure we use all available resources in the form of knowledge, skills or tools.


  • We build trust and long-term customer relationships by arriving on time, doing our homework and providing the best possible service based on the customer’s requirements. 
  • We get to know customers, employees and suppliers through an open, attentive and personal approach.