Project Arenastaden

Arenastaden in Solna is the urban planning version of “more is more”. Arenastaden offers world-class architecture, an exceptional range of shopping and services, efficient transport links and a distinct focus on sustainability. 

Arenastaden - far beyond the ordinary

Fabege has developed Arenastaden with a distinct focus on sustainability and that this city district should make life easier. Arenastaden is a city district with all of the services needed for residents and businesses. 

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We are actively focused on green enterprise

Green enterprise and sustainable urban development go hand in hand. In Arenastaden, we are thus working on the development of the entire district to create long-term sustainable environments. We are also working systematically and continuously on reducing energy consumption and the environmental impact of each individual property.

Environmental labelling of buildings

We are also working on the environmental labelling of buildings. We believe that this is important not only in terms of the message that we are sending, but also as a form of future support for you as a company. By environmentally classifying and enhancing the efficiency of properties, we are also contributing to positive social development.

Minimising energy consumption

We prefer to build offices in as energy efficient a manner as possible, without compromising comfort. By consciously deploying this approach from the very beginning, we can reduce future operating costs for ourselves and for you as a tenant, while also conserving our natural resources. As an example, the energy needs of Vattenfall’s new office will amount to less than half of that stipulated in the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s construction regulations. The annual savings are equal to the total energy consumption of more than a hundred Swedish single-family houses.

We are proactively working according to the reuse and recycle principle and have well-developed guidelines for conducting conversions and demolitions. Naturally we also choose building materials with a low environmental impact.

Situation plan

First residences atop the Mall of Scandinavia and along Evenemangsgatan are moving in.
Residential, Building 2, 21 floors, 143 flats.
  Last residences atop the Mall of Scandinavia and along Evenemangsgatan are moving in.
  Signal bridge. Vehicle bridge from Kolonnvägen over railway to Arenastaden.
Connection from Kolonnvägen via Enköpingsvägen to E18 and E4 motorways.
Stjärntorget with ramp connecting to Evenemangsgatan.
  Residential, Building 3, 21 floors, 143 flats.
  Mall of Scandinavia, Scandinavia’s largest shopping centre with approximately 250 retail spaces and over 100,000 sqm. of shopping area and 4,000 parking spaces.
Roundabout Dalvägen/Frösundaleden.
2016 Svenska Spel moving in. A 17,000 sqm office building on Evenemangsgatan 17 (Uarda 1, Building C).
  Telia Company moving in. 42,000 sqm, 3,500 working spaces.
2017 SEB moving in. Phase 1.
Residential, Building 4, 21 floors, 143 flats.
  Strengthening rail capacity for commuter trains. New, joint station at Odenplan for both metro and commuter trains.
2018 SEB moving in. Phase 2.
Residential, Building 5, 21 floors, 143 flats.
2022 Metro line to Arenastaden. (The location of the metro exits are not yet decided.)