Under the Swedish Companies Act, the company’s auditor is required to examine the company’s Annual Report and accounts as well as the management performed by the Board and the CEO. 

Kent ÅkerlundAfter the end of each financial year, the auditor is required to submit an audit report to the AGM. The appointment and remuneration of auditors are based on AGM resolutions pursuant to proposals from the Nominating Committee.

At the 2017 AGM, the auditing firm Deloitte was appointed the company’s auditors with the authorised public accountant Kent Åkerlund as auditor-in charge for the period up to the 2018 AGM.

In addition to Fabege, Kent Åkerlund has audit assignments for the following major companies: ClasOhlson, Bactiguard, FastPartner and Tagehus. Kent Åkerlund has no other assignments for companies that are closely related to Fabege’s major owners or the CEO. In addition to its assignment as Fabege’s appointed auditors, Deloitte has performed audit-related assignments relating primarily to accounting issues.