Policy documents

Common to all of Fabege's policies is that they are intended, amongst other things, to maintain and develop the immense values inherent in the operations and to maintain public confidence in Fabege.

Environmental Policy

Fabege is to be an important partner for its customers and the society at large. Caring for the environment should be a natural and integral part of Fabege's work with property management, project development and property transactions.

Fabege aims to develop long-term attractive and sustainable properties, areas and city districts with a low environmental impact and high level of user comfort.

Environmental Policy (pdf)

Purchasing Policy

In order to leverage Fabege's opportunities to achieve cost benefits and improve the company's reputation, it is essential that all those involved in the purchasing process have the same basic approach and good knowledge of the laws and procedures relating to purchasing.

To ensure sound purchasing routines, Fabege has therefore adopted a policy that accounts for demands from Fabege, its customers, suppliers and contractors regarding rational, efficient and ethical operations.

Purchasing Policy (pdf)

Personnel Policy

The purpose of our personnel policy is to describe Fabege's basic values, objectives and activities designed to attract, retain and develop employees. The personnel policy is designed to support renewal and diversity in operations and contribute to smooth inter-personnel relationships and respect for the individual.

Personnel Policy (pdf)