Commercial paper programme

Fabege’s company commercial paper programme amounts to SEK 5,000m (expanded from SEK 4,000m in September 2006).

The commercial papers may be purchased via all Handelsbanken, Swedbank, Nordea and SEB offices in denominations from SEK 1m and above. Maturity periods range from one month to one year. The certificates are Euroclear-listed and registered in the purchaser’s VP account.

Summary of the company commercial paper programme SEK 5,000m
Denominations: Nominal value SEK 1,000,000 or EUR 100,000
Maturity period: At most one year
Interest terms: Applicable interest on the money market for the corresponding type of certificates on the issue date
Organiser: Handelsbanken Capital Markets
Other issuing institutions: Nordea, Swedbank Markets and SEB
Issuing and Paying Agent: Svenska Handelsbanken AB
Clearing system: Euroclear

The commercial paper programme is now fully subscribed. Fabege has available credit facilities covering all outstanding commercial paper at any given time.