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Plan for repurposing quality materials

Each year, thousands of tonnes of fully functional building materials from offices are discarded. Fabege is now taking part in a research project that aims to increase the repurposing of materials that are in very good condition. 

Food for office slaves

What should a sedentary office worker eat to get the right amount of energy to last the entire day? Nutritional physiologist and writer Kristina Andersson gives us her top tips.


Siemens - c/o Fabege

Siemens has moved to Arenastaden, and a new chapter is being written in the technology giant’s history. In this article, they talk about their choice of area as an investment for the future.

10 tips for effective, energizing work meetings

Meetings are the hub of a business – where ideas are discussed and key decisions are taken that determine results and success. We spend approximately 30% of our time at work sitting in meetings, and if you’re a manager the proportion rises to around 50–80%.

Importance of right lighting at work

What should you consider when planning the lighting at your office? We asked light factory ERCO for advice.

100% green electricity

We’re now going ahead with 100% green electricity.Fabege is now replacing all its service vehicles with new electric vehicles that will be charged solely with green electricity.

Spectacular rooftop park for SEB

Arenastaden is blossoming – on the roof! The district now includes a hectare of green roof, and since the spring, SEB and many others have been able to enjoy visiting the park on floor 7. 

Chose activity-based office

Orkla Care and Orkla Confectionary & Snacks went from an open-plan office and own rooms to activity-based working. A successful solution, an employee survey shows.

Pelaren – Söderstaden’s gem

To the south of the Södermalm area of Stockholm, a new landmark is springing up – ensuring that telecom company 3 has an office that really stands out. Pelaren towers stylishly above Pastellvägen, opposite Ericsson Globe arena.

More pleasant sounds at work

Everyone needs peace and quiet sometimes, especially at work. A pleasant sound environment makes it easier to focus on what you need to do and reduces stress.

Grand Central Sundbyberg takes shape

Fabege is bringing Sundbyberg’s old Åhléns department store building into the 2010s. Next year, bright offices, shops and restaurants will be housed here in a prime commuter location.

Car washing with a clean conscience

The world’s first Nordic Ecolabel (Svanen) car wash is in Arenastaden. Future Car Care washes cars by hand in an eco-friendly and gentle way using steam.

Creative meetings at Friends Arena

Friends Arena is not just a venue for the biggest sports events and concerts. You can also book conferences there that bring out your creative side.

SEB’s office opens onto the city

Next year, SEB will be leaving the big crescent-shaped building in Rissne for three minimalist buildings in bustling Arenastaden. Alessandro Ripellino designed both offices – 25 years apart.

Better offices – healthier employees

How can we create premises that boost employee health? Clean air, plenty of light and opportunities for physical activity are the key.

SEB moves into Sweden’s biggest newly built office with sustainability focus

On 8 and 16 May, Swedish bank SEB started to move into its new premises in Arenastaden, Sweden’s biggest newly built office focusing on sustainability. Fabege owns and manages the property and the lease is their biggest so far. 

Visit Solna’s wilderness

Ducks, grebes, swans and more unusual birds such as nightingales and pochards flock to Råstasjön lake. This is why birds like it here and how they like being in a city.

Glass building sets the tone in Råsunda

Telenor’s new head office, a glass building featuring a prominent point, is on the verge of completion. The architect behind Solna’s new landmark, No1 Råsunda, shares his thoughts.

Pocket parks enhance the city

Creating attractive outdoor environments is increasingly challenging as cities grow and become more compact. Pocket parks, or mini-parks, provide green areas and space to breathe in Solna Business Park.

Trend-spotting: co-working

Co-working-spaces are a growing trend in Sweden. These days we don’t just want to rent a desk in a co-working hub; we want to become members of social and preferably international office networks. This is how it works.

Have a look inside Telia Company’s activity-based offices

This is what it looks like in Telia Company’s new building, where the focus for the interior decor was on collaboration, inspiration and energy. This is the result.

How to build a fossil-free city

A fossil-free Stockholm could be a reality by the year 2040. This is how Fabege is contributing towards a city in which heating, electricity and transportation happens without the use of coal and oil.

Better environment with green leases

It should be easy to do the right thing. That’s why Fabege offers green leases, which allows tenants and landlords to indicate how they intend to reduce the office’s environmental impact.

How to boost corporate culture in the office

Is it important for the office to reflect a company’s culture? We’ve spoken to 3 Sweden and Toca Boca about how they ensure their culture permeates the office.

Arenastaden Solna’s growth engine

SEK 67.5 billion and 24,300 new jobs. This is the contribution that Arenastaden is expected to make to society from the start of construction in 2007 up until 2020. That’s the impact on the municipality of Solna.

Technology revolutionising retail

New technology is now a feature of retail. Stores are having to rethink their strategy as consumers increasingly shop online. Find out how it’s affecting Tommy Hilfiger.

Hallmarks of a long-term healthy workplace

What is it that makes people enjoy their job? This is one of the main questions that researcher Magnus Svartengren is focusing on. Here are the answers.

Environment in focus as SEB relocates

May will see the first moving boxes arriving for SEB as the bank’s three Stockholm offices become one at Arenastaden. The new office has been a pioneering environmental construction.

Relocation boosted morale at Sodexo

When Sodexo moved to Arenastaden, the primary focus was on quality of life and the employees. It was a move that also entailed a change of approach. Here are some top tips from the company.

New office trends

Activity based offices, social spaces, reusing equipment and the focus on health are just a few of the significant trends we’re currently seeing in office design and the working environment.

Kungsgatan gets a facelift

International flagship stores, more fashion and exciting restaurants. This is the vision of Fabege and other property owners for Kungsgatan.


Playful office for Childhood

Since March 2016, Childhood has been based at the Wenner-Gren Center. The foundation is enjoying the open plan layout, which reflects its purpose visually. 

Yellow Line makes Arenastaden even more easily accessible

Rail-bound transport is a requirement when Fabege develops new districts. Today, many people want to travel sustainably and not be dependent on a car. The Yellow Line in the metro system will run from the southern suburbs of Stockholm to Arenastaden.

Climate-smart travel to work

Several companies in Arenastaden are performing CERO analyses to reduce carbon dioxide emissions linked to employee travel. Read about why climate-smart travel is the right way to go.

Why offices are necessary

Technological developments are making professional life more flexible. But personal encounters with colleagues at the office are more important than we can imagine. This is how you can create an office where everyone feels at home. 

Facelift for Vasagatan

From a dingy, unsafe area at night, to a vibrant and attractive city street, 24/7. That’s the plan for Vasagatan. This is what the vision looks like.

Safe cycling in winter

An increasing number of Stockholmers are opting to cycle to work. Newly-built bike parks make the commute much easier.

Important: don’t charge electric cars using ordinary power sockets!

An increasing number of people are charging their electric cars without authorisation using standard 220v sockets in our parking areas. This not only involves a risk of damage, it is also dangerous.

How Telia pulled off Sweden’s biggest office move

It’s been called Sweden’s biggest office move. When thousands of Telia Company employees vacated their offices in Farsta after 54 years there, the move went surprisingly smoothly thanks to rigorous planning and logistics management. Here’s how they did it.

Time for the office honey harvest!

While you were off on your holidays, our city bees were hard at work making honey. Now it’s time to bring home the harvest. How many kilos do you think we’ll get this year?

How to extend the life of your office – think ‘reuse’

Don’t chuck that light out, reuse it! Opportunities to make use of the ‘old’ office have proved profitable in more ways than one. Here’s how.

Visit city spaces as part of Open House

Ever wondered what the view is like from the top of the fantastically retro Wenner-Gren Center? Or what it feels like to stand in the middle of the impressive Friends Arena? On 7-8 October, you can find out!


Fabege among the world's top-ten most sustainable

Fabege received an eighth-place ranking when the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) presented its global report on the sustainability performance of the property sector for 2015.

SBAB chose Solna Business Park

When looking for new premises, SBAB ultimately selected Solna Business Park, a dense business district near Stockholm. 


A green neighbourhood contributes to creativity

The buildings in Solna Business Park are being modernised, but even more is happening in the surrounding area. Susanna Elvsén, Market Area Manager at Fabege, explains about the development project that is currently in progress in the area.

Architectural jewel in the middle of the city

The Grönlandet property by the Adolf Fredrik Church is believed to be one of the most important modern buildings in Sweden. A strict and elegant facade greets the visitor from the street, but inside the port, there is a large inner courtyard surrounded by oval walls.

Working in Stockholm’s coolest building

Steel girders in the ceiling, large windows and 7.5-metre-high ceiling. Add modern design with exciting choices of materials and you have the Ford plant in Norra Djurgårdsstaden.

Cleaning for the future

On August 27, 383 children and young people gathered to make a major contribution to the environment in Hammarby Sjöstad. This effort also provided scope for increased social commitment and an early introduction to the business world.

A vibrant city in the building

Meetings, spatial orientation and the environment were key words when designing SEB’s new office block in Arenastaden.

A vibrant city in the building

Meetings, spatial orientation and the environment were key words when designing SEB’s new office block in Arenastaden.

A vibrant city in the building

Meetings, spatial orientation and the environment were key words when designing SEB’s new office block in Arenastaden.

A vibrant city in the building

Meetings, spatial orientation and the environment were key words when designing SEB’s new office block in Arenastaden.

A vibrant city in the building

Meetings, spatial orientation and the environment were key words when designing SEB’s new office block in Arenastaden.

Home best when Svea Ekonomi got to choose!

Finance company with a super designed office? Of course. When Svea Ekonomi moved to Arenastaden, the founder and owners wanted to retain the family feel despite the company’s growing pains. After being involved in the building process from the start, they are now sitting in beautiful homely workplaces.

Three years of waiting is now finally over!

Close proximity to nature, shopping and excellent transport links to Stockholm City made the couple, Oliver Strandberg and Rosanna Rhenström, sign up for a newly produced apartment in Arenastaden. After three years of waiting, the day finally arrived when the couple received the keys to the apartment on Evenemangsgatan.

Fabege enticed Starbucks to Stureplan!

The US coffee giant, Starbucks, continues its expansion in Stockholm and is opening a large new coffee shop at Stureplan.

Running club establishes operations in Arenastaden!

Running in a group has become increasingly popular. During the autumn, the most recent training trend will be coming to Arenastaden.

A Green Sjöstad

Mankind’s environmental impact affects us and the planet’s ecosystem and natural resources. The path toward an environmentally compatible future is via a sustainable lifestyle – a lifestyle that not only focuses on the individual but also on nature and everything around us. This usually involves assuming responsibility for what you leave behind and acting more conscientiously.

Fabege victorious in Hugin & Munin Prize

With its open and modern communications focusing on customers and investors, Fabege won the 2014 Hugin & Munin Prize scoring 78 out of 100 points.

Fine dining during your lunch hour

The restaurant, Norra kök och matsalar on Dalvägen 12 in Arenastaden, has opened. The restaurant serves modern Nordic gastronomy using carefully selected seasonal ingredients

International giant moves in to Arenastaden

More and more well-known companies are choosing a new home at Arenastaden. One of the latest is the telecom company TeliaSonera, which will relocate to the Scandinavian Office Building in spring 2016.

Evenemangsgatan will be made into a one-way street for better access

The changes being made in taxi traffic at Arenastaden will make it easier to access Evenemangsgatan. Per Åsbrandt, property developer at Fabege, explains more about what is currently being done to improve traffic in this city district.

Mia Häggström elected to BREEAM Committee Sweden

BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) is an environmental classification system that originated in the UK.

Change office type: Choose the right model and have a successful move

Changing the type of office can be trying for both the work flow and employees. However, if you are well prepared and have done your homework, you can reduce sickness absence and gain more satisfied colleagues.

Digital meeting place connects companies

Solna Business Park now has a digital meeting place that creates a modern way for companies to meet, find ways to cooperate and share information and campaigns with each other. The portal includes Solna’s best district healthcare centre.

Happening at the new Carnegie brewery!

The new Carnegie brewery has become a reality in Fabege’s listed building, the Luma factory building in Hammarby Sjöstad. In addition to an environmentally smart beer brewery, the premises also house a restaurant.

Tenants positive to signing green leases

The Sustainability Report of the Year shows that green leases increased from 36 per cent in 2011 to a full 52 per cent of newly signed space last year.

Fabege’s annual cycle event

Fabege feels that everyone has the right to a well-functioning bicycle. The bicycle service is a repeat of an appreciated favourite, having started in autumn 2012.

Peter and his Shepherd dog guard Arenastaden

Peter Mattsson works as a security guard at Arenastaden. However, his role differs considerably from the traditional security guard role. In a growth area with residential units, companies and major events, he is paired with his dog to make everyone feel safe.

Arenastaden will have its own local delivery service

When the objective is to always be quickest and able to deliver throughout Europe, the right starting point is essential. Jetpak’s new premises in Arenastaden fulfil the company’s high requirements.

In progress at Arenastaden

Arenastaden is rapidly being transformed from an industrial area into an increasingly more vibrant city district. Meanwhile, transport links are being improved and construction in the area is progressing at full speed. But what is actually happening and what will be the results of all the excavation?


Award-winning architect behind Quality Hotel Friends

A clean and simple landmark. A building that looks fun and has a distinct graphical identity. This is how architect Karolina Keyzer describes Quality Hotel Friends in Arenastaden. In October, she received Solna City’s 2013 Urban Environment Award for her work on the hotel.

SATS investing in new, ultramodern fitness centre

Over the next year, Hammarby Sjöstad will become home to a new fitness centre designed to suit a modern lifestyle, with extra morning and lunch classes, generous opening hours and spacious, airy premises.

Perfect food for the modern office

Matmakarn will open in Solna Business Park in January 2014. The breakfast and lunch restaurant is the brainchild of friends Gabi Gabriel and Chris Coker, and focuses on simple, healthy food.

Fabege excels in customer satisfaction

It’s official! According to the latest Real Estate Barometer from CFI Group and the Swedish Property Federation, Fabege is ranked among Sweden’s top landlords. Every year, an analysis is carried out to assess how Swedish tenants perceive their landlords and, this year, Fabege received one of the highest rankings ever recorded.

New at Fabege: Mike Suomilammi

Fabege’s Uarda 5 property is heading into its second winter. The ultramodern building is designed to maintain a high environmental standard and has extremely low energy consumption. Uarda 5’s advanced technology imposes certain requirements and is simultaneously providing exciting challenges for its new building maintenance technician, Mike Suomilammi.

Focus on light for Svenska Spel

Atriums and perforated metal. It sounds like something from the future, but these are the actual components of a building currently under construction in the heart of Arenastaden.

Alex opened a car wash in the same building as his record label

Alex Ghanati couldn’t find a good car wash close to his studio and record label on Gårdsvägen in Solna. This spring, he opened Future Car Care – an eco-friendly car wash that uses steam technology – in the same property.

Become an entrepreneur of the future!

For the third consecutive year, the City of Solna is organising the Youth Business Concept of the Year contest, whereby young entrepreneurs compete for contributions and support for their projects.

Full speed ahead for new electric bicycles

Interest in cycling is increasing and Fabege’s tenants in Solna Business Park have long been able to rent bicycles at the service office on Englundavägen. The bicycle pool has now been equipped with two new electric bicycles from Crescent.

Fabege creates the office landscape of the future

A refurbishment of Fabege’s Head Office is currently in progress in Arenastaden. More space for spontaneous meetings is being created, while employees of the company will no longer have permanent workplaces, but will instead work at different stations every day. The principle is called “activity-adapted work environment” and aims to provide a glimpse of the office landscape of the future.

Make your own podcast at Luma

Water, greenery and a microphone – now over to you. In just a short period of time, people’s interest in recording their own podcasts has exploded, and Fabege has been quick to latch onto the trend.

Experience an evening at Arenastaden

As a Fabege tenant, you now have the opportunity to experience an evening at Arenastaden.

Rent a room, get a complete office in Arenastaden

Who said switching offices take months? At the office hotel, Quick Office, in Arenastaden, you can rent an office for a fixed monthly cost.

Arenastaden’s new living room has opened

The Quality Hotel Friends has now opened its doors. The hotel with the unique facade is physically connected to the national arena and is very distinct.

First to test Apoteket’s new concept

When the pharmacy market was deregulated four years ago, the “old” Apoteket started to think along new lines. The head office has now moved into Arenastaden as a step towards creating a more modern operation. In addition, an ultramodern store has opened with new products and a concept that is unique for the area.

SATS establishes operations in Hammarby Sjöstad

SATS is now introducing a new centre in one of Stockholm’s most rapidly growing areas, Hammarby Sjöstad.

Social responsibility and breakfast in one

Breakfast, inspirational speakers and discussions with corporate neighbours in the adjacent building, followed by a few minutes’ walk to work. The project involving breakfast meetings on the theme of sustainability, which is arranged by Fabege in collaboration with the City of Solna, has sown many seeds in Solna Business Park.

Office for companies that aim high

A new landmark is about to be established at Arenastaden: Scandinavian Office Building. Above the Mall of Scandinavia, Fabege is building modern office premises with space and height comparable to the five skyscrapers at Hötorget in Stockholm City.

Friends creates meeting place to counter bullying in Arenastaden

In late May, an international anti-bullying centre was opened in Arenastaden. The new premises of anti-bullying organisation Friends house both office and meeting places.

Food and friendship as in Paris of old

One dish and one sauce – the newly opened restaurant La Gare makes it easy for guests to choose a meal. However, the dessert list is that much longer.

National Culinary Team’s lunch restaurant located in Arenastaden

On the major pedestrian road between Solna Station and the Friends Arena lies one of Arenastaden’s largest lunch restaurants, Modis, which boasts an unusual set of staff. The restaurant manager, Jonas Franzén, is actually the head of the Swedish National Culinary and has an Olympic Gold Medal among his merits, and the head chef at Modis, Isak Wiig, is also a member of the team.

Success for cycle event

Earlier this spring, Fabege organised a bicycle activity whereby tenants were offered the servicing of bicycles.

New recycling station at Arenastaden

From 1 June, there will be a manned intermediate storage station for waste at Arenastaden. The objective is to increase the level of waste-management service in the area and minimise the number of waste transport runs. Collections will be managed by Fabege’s business partner, directly from your floor or from the waste room in your property.

Traffic improvements in Arenastaden

Time is passing and more events are taking place at the Friends Arena. The top-tier football team AIK and the Swedish Football Association, as well as Live Nation are new organisers in Sweden’s new national arena.

Three hot office trends

Tomorrow’s offices will be built on meetings between people and be activity based. These are the words of Thomas Eriksson, architect and brand strategist at TEA.

Coffee, work and help with homework at Drottninggatan 89

The reception at Drottninggatan 89 is much more than just a reception. This is a place where tenants can have a coffee or a drink after work in the lounge, rent a conference and get help with walking the dog, etc.

Medical centres provide better service at Solna Business Park

When adults are ill, they rarely stay at home. Because most visits to doctors are made during work hours, Solna Business Park now boasts its own medical centre.

Sabis’ first dedicated restaurant opens at Arenastaden

For almost 140 years, Sabis has operated grocery stores, catering services, lunch restaurants, hotels and conference centres. However, it was not until 2013 that this well-known brand started its first dedicated restaurant in Stockholm. Slagteriaktiebolaget opened its doors last month in Sjökvarteret in Arenastaden.

Soft values prioritised when Röhnisch chose its new office

Röhnisch makes sportswear– for women and by women. When several departments from Örebro, Norrköping and Stockholm were to be merged, the location chosen was Hammarby Sjöstad. Fredrik Röhnisch, Managing Director of the family business, tells us why.

Services expanded at Arenastaden

As Arenastaden grows, the number of service providers and restaurants are also increasing. Slagteriaktiebolaget has brought the first dedicated restaurant to the area and the opening of Handelsbanken means that bank errands can be dealt with quickly and easily during lunchtimes.

Make your bicycle ready for the spring at Arenastaden

For two weeks in April, tenants at Arenastaden will be able to drop their bicycle in for a free spring service. The initiative is intended as a fun event but also showcases important environmental issues and the importance of exercise.

The New Carnegie Brewery takes shape at Luma

Sweden’s beer culture is progressing in leaps and bounds and the number of microbreweries is ever increasing. With the New Carnegie Brewery at Luma, Stockholm is securing a place on the international beer map. The partnership between Carlsberg Sverige, D Carnegie & Co. and the Brooklyn Brewery is unique.

Fabege enhances its environmental work

Fabege is advancing its positions in the environment and sustainability areas. The objective is for all newly constructed office buildings to meet the requirements under the international environmental classification system BREEAM.

“Efficiency and sustainability increasingly important in 2013”

Fabege’s Property Manager Urban Sjölund comments on the past year and looks ahead at the year just started.

Customer satisfaction increases for the successive third year

Fabege’s third customer survey was completed at the end of 2012, with positive results.

The award-winning restaurant Farang opened in the Apotekaren property block

Stockholm’s restaurant offering received a highly publicised addition in early February when the restaurant Farang opened a branch at Tulegatan 7 in the Apotekaren property block. These are the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company’s (UR) old premises, which have been refurbished and gained an industrial look specially adapted to Farang’s concept.

Svea Ekonomi has space to grow in Sjökvarteret

One of the newest tenants in Sjökvarteret is the financial institution Svea Ekonomi. With offices of slightly more than 10,000 square metres, the company has plenty of space for growth – which is exactly what the company intends to do.

Traffic hub

When a new city district is being built, there are a lot of things that have to work. A national arena with capacity for 65,000 people in the same area as thousands of homes, 25,000 workplaces and a major shopping mall poses a challenge for everyone involved.

Travel directly from Arlanda to Arenastaden

As of 9 December last year, the commuter train runs between Älvsjö and Uppsala. In between, the train stops at Solna, walking distance from Arenastaden, and at Sweden’s largest airport Arlanda.

Karin and Jenny new additions to the Arenastaden team

Twelve people work at Fabege’s area office in Arenastaden with tasks ranging from accounting and lease management to operations and service. Two of them are the Manager Karin Högberg and the property management assistant Jenny Jagerby.


Swedish Football Association moves in

In a few weeks’ time, the Swedish Football Association will be leaving Råsunda for good. Their moving vans will be heading for Arenastaden and the office property, Uarda 1.

Inexpensive cycling at Arenastaden

In spring 2013, tenants in Arenastaden will become closer to everything – through the use of bicycles that may be borrowed by anyone.

Excellent neighbours in Arenastaden

Arenastaden is abuzz with activity, with Sweden’s new national arena as a natural gathering point. The inauguration of the arena in October was a success and, in the midst of all that activity, the first tenants of Sjökvarteret began moving in.

Fabege receives additional distinction for Uarda 5

In addition to an earlier award this year from the European Commission DG JCR for Uarda 5, Fabege and Vattenfall have now received a Sweden Green Building Award in the category for “EU GreenBuilding, new construction.”

Last chance to test work in Luma

Since April, companies and private individuals have had the opportunity to test work in one of Fabege’s premises in Hammarby Sjöstad. Free of charge.

Majestic building to embrace the street

The formerly enclosed District Court building is undergoing a complete makeover. When completed, it will be a classified as a blue-grade cultural heritage building with an open floor plan, open spaces towards the street and a grand interior in place.

Rain, sweat and a fighting spirit

Nearly half of Fabege’s workforce participated in this year’s Stockholm Triathlon and many were there cheering the participants on. They raised slightly more than SEK 30,000 for the Swedish Cancer Society. And it all started with some unfortunate news.

Friends Arena tested live

Our new national arena has now been tested for the first time with an audience. It was a successful event with 10,000 visitors basking in the atmosphere of the arena along with famous Swedish artists.

Arenastaden is taking shape

Five puzzle pieces, an environmental focus and parklands for recreation. This is the foundation for the city district of tomorrow, which is currently taking shape.

Carlsberg moves to the centre of activities

With a glimpse of the lake on one side of the building and the square and the Friends Arena on the other, Carlsberg is getting the best possible location in the newly built Sjökvarteret.

Report your issues through Fabege’s website

As of 7 May, 2012, all of Fabege’s tenants have been able to report faults and other issues through Fabege’s website.

Fifth-generation arena to cover all needs

Natural grass, ice or parquet flooring? Roof or open skies? The Friends Arena will cover all needs.

Nearly 40,000 green square meters

Fabege has offered Green Leases since March 2011.

Q&A Mall of Scandinavia

Why did it take so long to finalise the agreement? We have been negotiating and working hard to finalise this agreement over the course of four years. I realise that this may seem like a long time...

Magnificent Mall of Scandinavia

A completely new city district is emerging in the new Arenastaden next to Solna Station. Also under construction is the Mall of Scandinavia – a totally unique concept unlike any other in Scandinavia.

Luma’s tenants receive assistance with day-to-day tasks

Concierge services are adding value for companies and employees at Hammarby Sjöstad.

Hagastaden –putting Stockholm on the world map

Hagastaden is the place where Stockholm meets Solna. It will be an entirely new city district where science, research and education will be given prominence. Fabege will be contributing by building what may become the world’s principal cluster for life sciences: Stockholm Life.

“Improved entrances, fault registration and information”

We are continuing our intense work to take action based on our customer surveys. Highest on the agenda is improvements to entrances, fault registration and our information to you. You will gradually see changes in these areas during 2012.

Sweden vs. England in premiere match at new national arena

On 1 August 2012, Friends Arena will receive the keys to the new national arena. On 14 November, the Swedish men’s football team will play England. Between these dates, Friends Arena will be officially opened, with a number of secret entertainers.

Björn Borg moves into the Turbine Hall

The Björn Borg company has left the Skatteskrapan property in Stockholm Södermalm and has become a Fabege tenant. In late November, the head office with approximately 60 employees moved into the so-called Turbine Hall.

Hello there Christian Hermelin, CEO of Fabege

You are working hard, of course, to increase customer satisfaction among your tenants. We’ve heard that you have established very ambitious goals for your efforts. Is that correct? Yes, that is...

Attractive and well-organised in Hammarby Sjöstad

For the past 15 years, TriffiQ has had premises at Mariatorget, firstly in the basement at Mariatorget and then on Maria Skolgata. However, since August this year, the company is installed in newly renovated premises at Ljusslingan 2 in Hammarby Sjöstad.


Fabege's website is the 7th best in Sweden!

This week KWD, King Worldwide, ranked Fabege’s corporate website,, as Sweden's 7th best with 66.75 out of 100 possible points (a plus of 10.25 points compared to last year).

“From words to action in the customer dialogue”

The time has come for the next step in our customer dialogue – to proceed from words to action. We have already launched a number of projects through which we are transforming your suggestions and opinions into reality, and we hope you are noticing some results from this.

New dining experiences in Stockholm City

Did you know that many of Fabege’s premises are home to well-known restaurants?

Listed building Centralbadet gets a new outfit

The listed building and Stockholm beauty, Centralbadet, has reopened following a facelift. This is where bathers are allowed to take their time.

Environmental work can be profitable

Energy optimisation is the single greatest environmental issue in the property business and one with which Fabege has been working actively for nearly 10 years. By means of green leases, Fabege endeavours to collaborate on environmental and energy-optimisation efforts, thus reducing its tenants’ environmental impact and costs through efficient energy conservation.

New city office

Fabege is now opening a new city office at Luntmakargatan 18.

Luma –a gem in Hammarby Sjöstad

Fabege is currently investing heavily in the beautiful Luma property block of Hammarby Sjöstad. The quarter’s listed buildings will become even more attractive through cautious renovations and a new restaurant concept.

Pleased with the extent of customer involvement

We have now obtained the results of the discussions with our customers in Solna Business Park and Arenastaden and feel very positive about the approaching surveys that will be conducted in the other areas of our portfolio.

Flexibility in the new Apotekaren property block

An area of approximately 16,000 square meters is currently being customised for new businesses and tenants in the district of Norrmalm by Rådmansgatan, Döbelnsgatan and Tulegatan.

Playing for a better world

Retoy is building play environments where children can learn about their rights and about sustainable development. Fabege is supporting the Retoy project as a part of its work with corporate social responsibility.

Buy your own arena seat

Friends Arena will offer live experiences above and beyond the ordinary. A unique concept called Live Seasons is now ready for launch, offering you an opportunity to become a member when you invest in Live Office or Live Seats.

“Complaints generate opportunities to improve”

During the spring, Fabege will introduce a new method of listening and responding to customer preferences. A tighter, more structured dialogue with customers will provide a clearer picture of areas with potential for improvements, and what is already considered good. It’s all designed to provide even better service.

New block in city centre

Work is now in progress to finish construction of the new Bocken block of attractive office premises and residential housing on Lästmakargatan in the centre of Stockholm.

Save time in Arenastaden with unique communications offering

Within a few years, Arenastaden will have a unique communications offering and, consequently, one of the best locations in the greater Stockholm area.


Rail transport replacing lorries

As Fabege continues to work on the construction of Vattenfall’s new head office building in Arenastaden, it is not only the finished structure that will have to meet stringent environmental requirements. In addition, since significant amounts of building materials are being transported by train, the actual construction process must be as environmentally compatible as possible.

Exotic and cosy at Hammarby Kaj

Want to get away for an evening without flying and spending the night? If so, you are welcome to Hemma hos Kaj in one of the beautiful waterside buildings at Hammarby Sjöstad. With food inspired from all corners of the world, the newly opened restaurant and banquet rooms have guests flocking to the new hot spot.

Cooperation with Fabege led to environmental award

The superstore ICA Maxi, a Fabege customer in Solna Business Park, has saved SEK 300,000 annually in reduced electricity consumption thanks to its cooperation with Fabege and the Municipality of Solna. For its efforts, ICA Maxi was awarded the municipality’s Environmental Award for 2010.

Fabege develops attractive areas

“Our business concept is based on urban development – developing entire areas and city districts rather than single properties. That’s how we create areas that are attractive long term,” says Urban Sjölund, Director of Properties at Fabege.

New library with a focus on children and the environment

The new library that will open in Hammarby Sjöstad next February will be three times as large, and have a greater focus on children. The refurbishment project is fully aligned with Fabege’s ambition of providing the district with high-quality services.

No request is impossible...

Would you like to modify the floor plan, customize certain areas, or have a brand new property? No request is impossible. Fabege creates and changes based on the customer's wishes.

Arenastaden is customised for Olympus and Egmont

Olympus wanted more open-planning and premises that would satisfy increasingly stringent hygiene requirements. Egmont companies Egmont Tidskrifter and Nordisk Film needed larger premises and custom-built areas. Fabege found solutions that met these customers’ requirements, and both Olympus and Egmont could soon move into customised premises in Arenastaden.

Arenastaden growing

Construction is under way! Arenastaden is no longer simply a drawing on paper. The first sections of the stands at Friends Arena are now 60 metres tall. Although construction is still in Stage 1, a new city skyline is already taking shape.

New website

Feel free to peruse Fabege’s new website. The entire site has been given a major facelift and several new functions are now available, including a section designed exclusively for our tenants.

Comfort generating operation

Comfort. Feel how the word rolls off your tongue. Comfort, an element that makes life easier and adds quality to life. Perhaps in the form of a thick white terry towel at a spa or the excellent accessories that turn your car into a dream.

ICA, a dynamic workplace

Pulsating with life in a continuously functional and playful process of change. ICA Sweden AB’s head office in the Solna Business Park is a dynamic phenomenon that clearly reflects the atmosphere in this expansive area.

Fabege moves in

Fabege has become one of the first companies to move into an ultramodern property in Arenastaden. Although Fabege has had an office in the area for four years, the company is now moving into a fully renovated office equipped with new technology and with an environmental profile – a move that is completely in line with the vision for Solna’s growing city district.

Close customer relations

Responsiveness, rapid feedback and high service level. According to a customer survey performed in 2009, these were some of the areas in which Fabege’s customers felt the company had the potential to improve.


Fabege reduces its CO2 emissions

Fabege left no stone unturned in its efforts to streamline its energy consumption, identify environment-friendly solutions and reduce its CO2 emissions.

Energy conservation

Energy conservation requires the combined efforts of all. Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, there are simple measures available that help us avoid wasting natural resources. These range from how you build and enhance energy efficiency to how you manage and utilise a property.

Arenastaden, a new, throbbing city district in Solna

Building a new city district is an exciting challenge. Especially so when the pulsating new district will feature offices, housing, an extensive shopping centre, plus the Swedbank Arena, Sweden’s new national arena, and Vattenfall's new headquarters.

Carnegie finds a home

One of Sweden’s oldest brands recently took up residence in one of Stockholm’s most desirable city properties. In cooperation with Fabege, Carnegie has created a customised office space in the city’s Bocken block – much to the delight of everyone involved.

ACNE in Pan

ACNE, in collaboration with Fabege has restored honour to an old treasure. “The Bank Palace” in Stockholm’s Old Town now stands proudly following meticulous cleaning and an extension.

An affair of the heart

Dansskolan (the Dance Academy with a truly big “D”) is currently housed in one of Fabege’s purpose-built premises in the stylish Östermalm district of Stockholm. Anneli Alhanko ­– Royal Swedish Court dancer, prima ballerina, and Artistic Director of Base 23-Stockholm Dance Academy ­– awards Fabege a “distinction” in her assessment of their cooperation together.