“Efficiency and sustainability increasingly important in 2013”

Fabege’s Property Manager Urban Sjölund comments on the past year and looks ahead at the year just started.

A new year and new opportunities. For Fabege, this is about continuing to ensure that customers are happy and satisfied with their premises. Many exciting events took place over the past year, not least in Arenastaden where things really took off.


“2012 was a fantastic year as regards attracting new customers to our areas and projects. Several exciting new companies have moved into our properties and we also have numerous customers who have moved premises within Fabege’s portfolio,” Urban Sjölund relates, continuing:

“If a company goes out to look for premises because their premises are not appropriate, it is even more gratifying when they locate to new premises in our portfolio. This shows that we are competitive.”

Even smaller spaces are leased

“One of the pleasing aspects of this year is that we have leased a high proportion of our existing portfolio and, above all else, many smaller spaces of 300 to 700 sqm that have been vacant for a long time,” Urban says.

He is cautiously positive about the current year.

“It has been full speed ahead during the start of 2013. Due to the general economic conditions, we might have to put on the brakes, when companies become more restrained and are not investing as much. But it is not certain that such a scenario will happen and we have not lowered our ambitions, even if an economic downturn materialises.”

A sustainable trend for 2013

“Irrespective of the economy, an increasing number of companies are looking at enhancing efficiency and companies are moving to new areas and properties,” Sjölund explains.

“It is becoming increasingly important not only to have the right premises in the right area, but for the premises to reflect the company’s values. Companies want to improve the quality of their premises and are looking for modern properties that are energy efficient and environmentally classified. These thoughts match the general trend in society towards increased sustainability, which applies equally for the property industry as it does for fuel-efficient vehicles.