The New Carnegie Brewery takes shape at Luma

Sweden’s beer culture is progressing in leaps and bounds and the number of microbreweries is ever increasing. With the New Carnegie Brewery at Luma, Stockholm is securing a place on the international beer map. The partnership between Carlsberg Sverige, D Carnegie & Co. and the Brooklyn Brewery is unique.

LumaDuring 2013, the New Carnegie Brewery will take shape in the old Luma lamp factory. The concept is to develop new beers based on local flavours and Swedish brewing traditions. There will also be space for a beer school and a restaurant serving dishes paired with appropriate beers as well as a visitor’s centre with guided tours of the brewery.

“The timing is perfect. Swedes are becoming increasingly interested in unique beers with strong flavours. You could say that we have started to drink beer in the same way we drink wine or whisky,” says Johan Belin, Market Area Manager at Fabege Hammarby Sjöstad.

Collaboration between several partners

The companies behind the New Carnegie Brewery are Carlsberg Sverige, D. Carnegie & Co and the New York-based Brooklyn Brewery, three companies that have jointly formed the New Carnegie Brewery company. Fabege is helping with internal and external renovation of the building.

Luma – an area with traditions

The number of microbreweries in Sweden is growing, which is a sign that the country’s beer culture has developed.

“Carlsberg and Carnegie wanted to contribute to this development and had thus been searching for several years to find a suitable location for a microbrewery,” says Johan Belin.

A site was finally identified at Luma, or more specifically, at Ljusslingan/Kölnagatan in the historic lamp factory that was built for KF (the cooperative society) back in the 1930s.

“The New Carnegie Brewery was curious about Luma as an area and, in particular, about this old building which has a history dating back to KF days when light bulbs were manufactured here. The location is also excellent. The surrounding water creates a beautiful setting and there is a light and airy feel. Furthermore, Södermalm has had many breweries over the years,” Johan Belin explains.

Brooklyn in a smaller format

The building and the area have much in common with the original brewery in Brooklyn, New York.

“When the Brooklyn Brewery was invited by Carlsberg Sverige and D. Carnegie & Co, the company immediately felt that the New Carnegie Brewery had positive similarities to its own operations, both in terms of the building and the area itself. This made the entire investment feel right for them,” Johan relates.


Living cityscape at Sjöstaden

Johan believes that the New Carnegie Brewery can open people’s eyes to the opportunities presented by Hammarby Sjöstad:

“Many people think of Hammarby Sjöstad as a newly built and modern housing area, but it also includes an established business centre with fantastic office premises. The New Carnegie Brewery will contribute to creating a more vibrant cityscape and it is thrilling for Fabege to be part of this development.”


The New Carnegie Brewery will be located on Kölnagatan, which is quite appropriate in this context, because the word itself is directly linked to brewing beer – a kölna (kiln) is the facility for drying the malt before the next stage in the brewing process.

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