Correction of press release: Fabege’s Nomination Committee amends proposal for AGM agenda

8 Mar 2017, 01:32 pm CET

After end of the period for notification of attendance at the 2017 AGM, Fabege’s Nomination Committee was contacted by representatives of one of the Company’s major shareholders, with a holding of 25.5 million shares, representing 15.4 percent of the equity and votes in Fabege AB (publ). The shareholder expressed the wish that the Board of Directors of Fabege AB (publ) should for the period until the 2018 AGM be made up of eight members.

The Nomination Committee decided in accordance with the shareholder’s wish and hereby amends its earlier proposal. The Nomination Committee proposes that Jan Litborn, Lawyer, should be proposed for election as new Board member and that the Board should therefore remain unchanged at eight members.

Further information about Jan Litborn is available on the Company’s website.

In accordance with its previous proposal, it is proposed that Anette Asklin, Anna Engebretsen, Eva Eriksson, Märtha Josefsson, Pär Nuder, Erik Paulsson and Mats Qviberg be re-elected to the Board. Svante Paulsson declined re-election to the Board of Directors. It is proposed that Erik Paulsson be elected as Chairman of the Board.

As a result is is proposed that directors’ fees total SEK 2,350,000 (2,350,000) to be distributed as follows:

  • SEK 800,000 (800,000) to the Chairman of the Board,
  • SEK 200,000 (200,000) to the other seven Directors not employed by the company, and 
  • SEK 150,000 (150,000) as remuneration for work in the Board’s Audit Committee, to be distributed as SEK 70,000 (70,000) to the Chairman and SEK 40,000 (40,000) each to the two members.

Because of  the Nomination Committee  adjusted proposal documents for the AGM on the company's website has been updated.

Fabege AB (publ) 

For further information, please contact: 
Bo Forsén, chairman Nomination Committe, phone +46 (0) 706-32 86 50
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