Sustainability is a key factor for success for us and an important part of our business. We assume people's long-term needs when developing our city districts.

People and their environment

Here at Fabege we work to ensure that people have the right conditions for feeling good, safe and achieving a healthy work-life balance. It could entail being close to services, meeting places and good public transport connections. Spending time in attractive surroundings and finding opportunities for recreation and activities. Vibrant, accessible districts that are well laid out for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users, with open areas and good lighting, make for a safe and secure environment.

The ambition of sustainability

Urban environments

Creating well-balanced urban environments for long-term sustainability is a strong motivation for us here at Fabege. A good mix of housing, offices, shops, restaurants, activities and services creates attractive and vibrant neighbourhoods where there is always something going on.

Parkland and green spaces are used to the best advantage for local residents and the environment – partly by keeping properties together and preferably building higher rather than extending outwards and taking up more land. Roofs are used for eco-friendly solar panels, green areas and pollinating bees to improve conditions for biological diversity in the local area.

City districts and projects


Proximity to low-carbon modes of transport such as commuter trains, the underground railway, trams and buses is essential these days. We strive to ensure people who walk, run or cycle feel safe and find it easy to get about.

It's good to resort to using a car only when it's really necessary. We cooperate with car pools and electric taxi firms. If more people are to go electric themselves, we need to make it easier for them by providing accessible charging stations.


There's plenty we can do in office environments to reduce our carbon footprint. Environmental certification of all new buildings ensures that we reuse materials and choose new materials wisely, and maintain decent working methods and conditions for the entire area. Green leases between tenants and property owners produce even more of a positive effect, from property maintenance and renewable electricity right down to the coffee machine, cleaning and recycling into at least five categories.

  • By 2018, all our properties will be environmentally certified
  • By 2020, Fabege's total carbon dioxide emissions will be less than half the national average
  • Since 2013, all new builds and major redevelopments are environmentally certified

Climate issues

Working in partnership

In order to be on board and exert an influence in building a sustainable society, we need to work in partnership with others. We work closely with our suppliers and are keen to ensure they are aware of our values when it comes to sustainability, sound employment relations and social responsibility.

In order to share knowledge and encourage engagement among people of all ages, we contribute towards activities that promote public health, social structures and future development. This could include foundations, companies, associations, education and local projects. We also review our suppliers to ensure our value chain is sound. So far, 79% of our purchasing volume has been inspected from a sustainability perspective.

Together with others


Developing districts and properties requires robust finances and financing. Fabege was the first property company to work with green financing and issue green bonds, in which special stipulations regarding sustainability and the environment are enshrined in the terms and conditions.

Our own share is approved for inclusion in Robur's ethical funds, Nordea's Star funds and the GES Nordic Sustainability Index.

Green MTN-programme