The ambition for sustainability

Fabege's ambition for sustainability - resource management, minimized environmental and social considerations - are far reaching and requires constant reflection and care.

Holistic approach gives the greatest impact

We play an active role in the development of the areas in which our property portfolio is located. City districts need to be vibrant and perceived as attractive and safe for the people who spend time in them. This is achieved by integrating living, work, leisure activities, neighbourhood services and efficient transport links. Sustainability work has the greatest impact when it is approached in a holistic way, rather than just developing individual parts.

The buildings and places that are being created today will endure and affect people for generations to come.

Sustainability from three perspectives

Fabege’s responsibility for resource management, reduced environmental impact and social issues is far-reaching and demands constant consideration and care. Fabege's efforts to create the right conditions in both real estate and city districts is always based from three perspectives:

The individual

Social sustainability for both the company's employees and for all the people who use Fabege's premises and city districts on a daily basis. Fabege aims to create environments that make it easier for people to achieve the right work-life balance and to promote good work environments where there are high demands for comfort, social interaction and health.

The businesses

Fabege aims to be a long-term partner and to create offices that strengthen the customer's brand and help reduce environmental impact. The organisation wants to contribute to the customer's sustainability work through cooperation and Green Leases, and to help customers adapt their need for premises to match their business development.

The City District

Fabege's concentrated property portfolio provides good opportunities to influence the development of entire city districts. This applies to everything from contributing to financing the development of underground train services, to creating a flourishing range of services. As a result of long-term planning and good community relations, Fabege can participate in developing the city.