Together with others

Fabege wants to make a positive contribution to the community in which the company operates.

Active development of local community

An important part of operations is contributing to improvements in the local communities where the company is active. This is done, for example, by participating in the development of the service offering, public transport and other factors that facilitate the everyday life of the people who live and work in the area.

By supporting various sports initiatives, Fabege hopes to help encourage young people to take exercise and enjoy active and stimulating leisure time. This is partly achieved by funding sports camps for children and young people in various different sports.

Fabege also has projects with a number of schools and works with the organisation Friends, which works to prevent bullying and offensive behaviour.

Environmentally compatible transportation

The property sector has a major responsibility when it comes to transportation. Fabege is working to reduce environmental impact by creating conditions for more efficient travel in connection with work assignments, and installing charging points for electric cars in both properties and street environments.

Financing of underground system

Fabege has decided to contribute SEK 100m to help finance the expansion of the underground train service to Arenastaden. The payments will be distributed evenly during the construction process, which is scheduled to start in 2016 and be completed in 2022. The underground expansion will offer customers additional public transport alternatives and Arenastaden will consolidate its position as a communication hub.

Improved conditions for cyclists

The number of cyclists in Stockholm has doubled over the past decade, and Fabege is working to make the figure even higher. Every year, the company increases the amount of bicycle parking to enhance accessibility for cyclists, and offers pool bicycles to all customers in Solna Business Park. In Hammarby Sjöstad, Solna Business Park and Arenastaden, bicycle consultants assist by offering servicing, and all areas have changing rooms for cyclists.

Together with suppliers

Together with our suppliers we work for good relations and a sustainable approach. We are all interdependent of that we take responsibility for the areas where we are able to influence. Fabege's Code of Conduct and policy clarifies the company's positions for suppliers.

Monitoring suppliers is an important aspect of Fabege’s purchasing work, in order to assure high business ethics, consideration for human rights, entrepreneurship, competition, objectivity and equal treatment. To ensure that Fabege’s suppliers meet the requirements placed by the company, regular inspections are conducted from both a financial perspective and a sustainability and quality perspective.